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Outdoor Ice Rinks Survey

  1. Text - Outdoor Ice Rink Survey, picture of legs and ice skates skating on outdoor ice rink
  2. Note for residents near Timberland Knolls
    A letter was incorrectly sent to residents near Timberland Knolls Park stating that the park was being considered in these discussions. However, Timberland's outdoor ice rinks are *not* being considered for closure. If you live near Timberland Knolls Park you can disregard the letter and this survey. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  3. Background
    The City of Burnsville maintains many outdoor ice rinks on daily basis and the rinks are staffed with warming house attendants during the evening and weekend hours. We maintain daily attendance records for skaters at each sites, and for the past few years, we have noticed a steady decline in the number of skaters at our outdoor facilities.
  4. What's being proposed
    Due to the declining number of skaters and increased maintenance costs, we are considering having the Highland Forest, Knob Hill and South River Hills rinks unstaffed. Remaining sites around Burnsville will remain staffed with warming house attendants.
  5. We need your input on what should be done with the rinks if the warming houses are unstaffed.
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  7. If the warming house at this site is not staffed, the City should:*
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