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Pawn Training Test

  1. Pawn Training Test Questions
    Answer the questions below.
  2. You can only accept items from someone over the age of 18 with proper identification?*
  3. An individual who has permission from the owner can pawn/sell property that does not belong to them? *
  4. If there is a belief the item pawned/sold is stolen, a licensee must immediately report it to the Police?*
  5. A secondhand seller must hold property taken in on a sale for 14 days prior to it being resold?*
  6. Jewelry that is sold/pawned without a serial number requires the following information:*
  7. A form of identification that is NOT acceptable would include:*
  8. If a piece of jewelry is intended to become "junk" or "scrap," you must obtain the following:*
  9. If Police place an investigative hold on a piece of property:*
  10. Thank you for completing the Pawn Training Test. The test will be reviewed by the Burnsville Police Department, and if you have answered any questions incorrectly, you will be notified.
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