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Boulevard Tree Planting & Work Permit Application

  1. Boulevard Tree Planting & Work Permit Application
    Fill out this form to request permission to plant a boulevard tree or do work to an existing boulevard tree.
  2. If you plan on hiring a company to do work on a boulevard tree, please provide the company's name and address.
  3. Type of Tree Work Proposed*
  4. Application Review
    The City Forester will review your request and a site visit may be required. Questions? Call 952-895-4508 or email
  5. This is an APPLICATION FOR PERMIT. No proposed work may begin until a permit has been approved by the City. Work shall be completed as described in permit. Notice of completion shall be given within five (5) days to the City for inspection purposes. Whenever any tree shall be planted, removed, or worked on, in conflict with the provisions of Burnsville City Code Section 8-3-3, the City may take action to eliminate the violation, and the cost thereof shall be assessed to the owner as provide by law in the case of special assessments.
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