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Archer Park (archery range)

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The Archer Park archery range is on Zenith Avenue near Rudy Kraemer Nature Preserve. The range is open year-round and features 11 targets at various lengths (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 80 yards).

Range Rules

  • This range is designated ONLY for recreational archers. Higher powered bows/crossbows are prohibited
  • Shoot only in the designated area. Do not shoot into woods or open areas
  • Shoot only from the established firing line
  • Wait for all archers to finish before going downrange
  • NEVER shoot when someone is downrange
  • Shoot only at established targets in your lane
  • Always keep your bow pointed at target
  • Always draw your bow with the arrow parallel to the ground
  • Only nock arrows at the shooting line
  • Shoot within your capabilities
  • Archers under 16 must have adult supervision
  • Communicate to everyone if you must search for arrows
  • Be courteous regarding the length of time and number of arrows you shoot
  • Use of broadheads is prohibited
  • The archery range is drug and alcohol free