Current League Standings

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At the conclusion of your league games, the umpire is required to call in the results by 10 a.m. the next business day. Staff will input the results and in most cases standings are up to date by noon the next business day. (Note: sometimes meetings or other issues prevent the scores from being up to date by this time). If more than 24 hours has passed and your league standings have not been updated or if you notice an error in your league standings, please email the league director about the issue.

At the end of the year, a tie in the standings will be broken using the following tie breaking system:

  1. Least number of forfeits during the regular season.
  2. Comparison of win/loss record in head to head games.
  3. Total run differential in those head to head games.
  4. Least runs allowed for the season in all games.

Note: In the event that three teams or more are tied, the tiebreaker will start with No. 1 and progress down the list until one or more teams are eliminated. Once a team(s) has been eliminated then the tie breaking process will start over with No. 1 and work down until only one team remains. EX: A, B, C are tied after No. 1 above. After No. 2 is applied, B is eliminated. Then the process starts over and compares No. 1 for A & C.

View current league standings here