Rain Gardens

Residential Rain GardenWhat is a Rain Garden?

Attend a FREE "Landscaping for Clean Water Workshop" to learn how to build a rain garden.

A rain garden is a shallow depression dug into the ground that captures rainwater and snowmelt running off hard surfaces. They reduce the volume of water that enters the storm sewer system and ultimately enters local waterbodies. Rain gardens not only reduce pollution from street runoff and infiltrate water back into the ground, but they also enhance home landscaping.

Landscaping for Clean Water Workshops logoIf you want to learn how to design and construct a rain garden, you can attend a FREE Landscaping for Clean Water Workshop.

 More Rain Garden Information:

City Rain Garden Projects

Burnsville Stormwater Retrofit Study (PDF)

Burnsville Rainwater Gardens: A Nationally Significant Demonstration Project (PDF)

Grant for Rain Gardens

Burnsville residents can apply for a grant to help fund a rain garden or other water quality improvement project on their property. Learn more about the Neighborhood Water Resources Enhancement Grant.

Adopt-a-Rain Garden

Volunteer to help maintain City raingardens. This involves pulling weeds and other general gardening activities. Gardening experience preferred.

Time Commitment: Variable, at least a few hours is preferred. Spring through fall

Location: Three rain gardens total located at Alimagnet Park, Lac Lavon Park and 145th Street (near Wood Park). Also, native plant garden at Kraemer Nature Preserve.

Contact: Caleb Ashling at 952-895-4543

Rain Barrel Information

Rain barrels collect rainwater from your roof downspouts. This helps protect lakes, ponds, and rivers by reducing rainwater runoff. A major benefit is that you can use the collected water for your garden and potted plants.

Several styles of rain barrels are available for purchase, or you can build your own rain barrel. For more information, check out the links below: Recycling Association of Minnesota: Compost bins & rain barrels

Friends of the Mississippi: Rain Barrels (includes info about rain barrel workshops)