Overnight Parking Permit

Issued To 

Residents or visitors wishing to park on a City street between 2-6 a.m. any time of the year

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Permits must be renewed after three days. Renewal may be restricted at the Police Department's discretion 


There is no cost for an on-street parking permit



Cars and trucks parked on the street overnight pose public safety hazards and obstruct public service vehicles. That's why Burnsville prohibits on-street parking from 2-6 a.m. daily. This ordinance is meant to help reduce neighborhood clutter; create more space for fire trucks, ambulances, police vehicles and snow plows; and prevent accidents by removing obstacles.

It is also a tool to help minimize auto theft. Because Burnsville police officers are assigned to the same patrol area every shift, they become very familiar with the neighborhoods. Parking restrictions help officers recognize suspicious vehicles in the area, making Burnsville a safer community.

While these parking restrictions are in effect year-round, they become even more important in the winter.

  • Ice Ridges on StreetCars parked on the street often leave a space too narrow for snow plows to easily drive through.
    (Plow operators need to raise their equipment or back out of a street – which could damage vehicles.)
  • Cars parked on the street prevent plows from pushing snow all the way to the curb
    (Creates ice ridges that can damage other vehicles and create dangerous conditions for pedestrians.)

Questions? Contact

Burnsville Police Department
100 Civic Center Parkway, Burnsville, Minn. 55337