2022 Candidate Information

2022 Council Member Candidates

Affidavit of Candidacy
Dan KealeyCouncil Member
Kriystauhl FitchettCouncil Member 22-02
Chris JohnCouncil Member22-03
Vince WorkmanCouncil Member 22-04
Sherine MashniCouncil MemberWithdrawal
Matthew SwensonCouncil Member22-06
Vel BostickCouncil Member22-07
Will JohnsonCouncil Member22-08

The Burnsville City Council is composed of the Mayor and four Council Members. All members are elected by and from the electors of the City at large.

The Mayor and the Council Members hold their terms for four (4) years. The terms for Council Members are staggered so that only two Council Members are elected every two (2) years.

Municipal elections are non-partisan. The candidate names are placed on the ballot without party designation.

The City implemented Primary Elections in 2005. A Primary Election for an office shall only be held if the number of candidates is more than twice the number of individuals to be elected to the office.