Drinking Water Quality Report

Drinking Water Quality Report 

In an effort to "go green," and save on printing, paper and postage, the City of Burnsville’s annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available online.

Several years ago, the Consumer Confidence Report – which provides a snapshot of the City’s drinking water quality – was mailed to all residents. Individuals may still request a paper copy by calling 952-895-4550.

The results from testing once again show that Burnsville is providing clean and safe drinking water from each of its water sources.

2022 water quality report cover of a child holding a glass of water in the kitchen

2022 Drinking Water Report

In the 2022 water quality report, you will see a note about test results specific to radium. Our priority is to maintain safe, quality drinking water and the water quality report confirms that it is still safe. There are many reasons for one test result to show elevated levels of naturally occurring chemicals and we are working closely with the State of Minnesota to ensure that single test result is addressed. We are taking a proactive approach to ensure that this test result is not cause for concern and that future and ongoing tests result in a decrease. The first 2023 investigatory test results are also noted in the 2022 report to show current progress toward that effort. Learn more in our Groundwater Brief and updates to the city council in our most recent drinking water update.